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Photoluminescent or Phosphorescent Paints & Pigments that glow in the dark

• Create amazing glow in the dark wall murals and other art forms.
• Use for glowing safety markings, both indoors and outdoors.
• Stylize your vehicle and even highlight your hairs with glow paints.
• Make parties funnier with Glow Sticks

Pick the right variety of Glow in the dark products

Glow in the dark paints
Glow in the dark pigments

The Glow in the dark Evolution
materials have come a long way since it's introduction as a 'glow in the dark' substance. The concept of "glow-in-the-dark" effect is not new. We have all noticed the glowing stars painted on kid's bedroom ceilings somewhere or the other. Traditionally, these glow staffs would have been produced using zinc sulfide pigments doped with copper and would exhibit a pale yellow/green body color and when the light source is removed it would exhibit a bright yellow-green afterglow. The afterglow which was initially bright starts fading soon and after an hour it is almost gone. Thus from a commercial point of view such pigments were limited to screen printing purpose due to the particle size of the zinc sulfide crystals.

The Glow Chemistry
But today Glow in the dark or Phosphorescent pigments, as it is sometimes technically referred to, is a new kind of rechargeable luminous product produced from rare earth alkaline aluminate / silicate activated by rare earth ions. Crystals of strontium aluminate (SrAl2O4) and barium aluminate (BaAl2O4) are promising host materials for long afterglow luminescence especially when doped with Europium . These are not the traditional Zinc Sulfide. The difference is quite remarkable.

The structure of the pigment particle is basically crystalline, which has a amazing capacity of absorbing, storing, and emitting light. The crystals absorb any ambient light, including regular indoor light. The after-glow of Phosphorescent pigments or paints are at least ten times stronger than Zinc Sulfide powder especially when the pigment is Strontium based. And it is worth mentioning that the duration of the afterglow of these photoluminescent pigments is much longer that Zinc Sulfide pigments - even in some cases it is as long as 10 to 12 hours.

This provides a huge potential in industrial, defense, safety and art-novelty applications like glow sticks.

So while choosing Glow in the dark pigment or paint, make sure you buy the new type of Phosphorescent Glow-in-the-dark paints or pigments or any other products made from them like glow sticks, glow paints etc.

glow in the dark paints and pigments

Salient Properties of photoluminescent Glow in the dark Paints and Pigments

1. Non toxic and non radioactive.
2. Gets activated quickly even in indoor lighting conditions.
3. Longer, brighter after-glow.
4. Shelf life of more than 12 years.
5. Comes in at least a dozen of different glow colors.
6. Weather ( water and heat) resistant.
8. Water-based and non-water based available.
9. Applicable on almost all types of surfaces.
10. Very suitable for Glow in the Dark art and Craft projects.

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'Glow in the dark' effect of photoluminescent paint . To view the effect roll your cursor over the squares below. The squares represent the colors of the photoluminescent pigments during daytime or under normal lighting conditions.
  photoluminescent Pigment
Color : Green / Green-Yellow
photoluminescent Pigment
Color : Blue
Stars glow brightly right inside your room
Glowing Starry Nightscape is a popular Glow in the dark business concept that you can adopt.
Glow Sticks and other Glow Tn The Dark products on Ebay

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More Glow In The Dark Products
Glow in the dark Star ExplosionGlow in the dark stars
glow in the dark night sky
glow in the dark paints
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Glow Sticks
Snap and shake these Glow Sticks for a colorful burst of light! Use them outdoors at night for safety or float them in a pool for an extra splash of color at an evening pool party! Size 4".

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Business Opportunity

Start your own business based on Glow in the dark paints and pigments. there's a lot you can do with these amazing glow stuffs. You can make novelties like glowing candles, stickers and loads of other things and sell them online or directly to customers. Another excellent business idea is to create nightscapes or virtual space by painting room ceilings. Or you may take contract from hotels, hospitals, high rises and construction sites to apply photo-luminescent paints as safety measures. The potential is endless. Just put on your thinking cap and get started.
glow paint business